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Massage service Villa Casa Collina

Beatrice Roberti - Massaggi Olistici

  • 1 h
  • 70 euro
  • Via delle Colline per Legoli

Service Description

The Holistic Massage is designed to treat a person from a physical, emotional and energetic point of view, according to the holistic philosophy. Aromatherapy associated with massage helps to make the treatment very effective, thanks to the properties of essential oils. Options: Relax Antistress Massage: aims to relax all muscles from tensions, but also to calm mind and psyche through enveloping movements all over the body that will cradle you in a real cuddle. Time: 60 min. Draining Massage: ideal to counteract the imperfections associated with fluid retention, such as cellulite or edema. It acts on the neurovegetative system, facilitates healing; the movements are so slow and enveloping to bring also a feeling of deep relax. Time: 60 min. Decontracting Massage: treats a contracture or an imperfection from the anatomical and emotional point of view, giving a general benefit from the first application. Also excellent for aesthetic purposes, it strengthens the muscle tone, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation for a greater tissue oxygenation, facilitates the elimination of toxins. Time: 60 min. Sports Decontracting Massage: acts on contractures in depth, useful in pre-post-race treatments, but also against pain and tension related to stress and incorrect posture in normal daily activities. Time: 60 min. Massage with Oil – Candles: real multisensory cuddle with relaxing and decontracting action, great for nourishing and deeply moisturizing the skin, it is a concentrate of well-being for body and mind. Time: 30 min. Back Massage: the back often bears great efforts or is forced into incorrect compensatory positions, from which tensions and pains arise. Treating the back by relaxing the muscles and dissolving contractures and tensions, brings well-being to whole body. Time: 30 min. Facial Treatment with Bio-emotional Massage: completed purifying face treatment with exfoliation and mask, followed by a very relaxing bio-emotional massage, with a draining action, excellent for toning the skin that will be brighter, more elastic, moisturized and deeply nourished. Time: 60 min. · Aromatheraphy · We use only natural products not tested on animals.

Contact us

  • Via delle Colline per Legoli

    Via delle Colline per Legoli, 81, 56037 Castelfalfi, Province of Pisa, Italy

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